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Biking in Tuscany is an ever increasing passion for many who come to the Tuscan region, as this vast land practically offers an infinite number of itineraries through hills, farmhouses, villas and vineyards. Whoever comes to Tuscany for binking, either for the first time or as a yearly ritual, will always find a new path to explore, a new ladscape to admire, a new cultivated field to pass through. Mountain biking in Tuscany has become so popular because it can be a fantastic alternative to traditional tourist routes, and can satisfy individuals and large groups of friends or families alike.

The only recommendation that we have for you is not to expect a smooth ride, as Tuscan hills are lovely to look at from a distance or to sit on top of, but a much harsher feat to escalate with a bike!

So our advice is to take it easy and slow down to your pace without forcing it. Another very important thing is to avoid the hottest hours of the day, from 11 am until 5 pm.

Many online organizations have experience in providing bikers through Tuscany with a reliable service and up to date information on itineraries, touring-eating-sleeping packages, pick up and drop off organization, great logistics, and some also feature guided tours and city tours to avoid dreadful trafficked roads and endless (and tiresome!) walks.

Here below is a list of websites and organizations that provide excellent services for Biking in Tuscany


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